Bring A Business Owner Contest

Bring a Business Owner Contest Leader board

There are a number of awesome prizes, listed further down the page. Thanks for sharing this with your fellow business owners!


You have the opportunity to win on an individual level, based on the number of referrals you get to join you.


You also have the opportunity to win as a Mastermind Team, based on the number of referrals that come from your team.

Individual Prizes


1st Place

Grand Individual Prize


For the Pinn member that refers the most qualified business owners to SCALEit LIVE, you will receive:

A Full Strategic Power-House Planning Day with your mentor and 2 other mentors in person at your company! WOOHOO!

Value $15,000

(This is life-changing!)


2nd Place


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Refer the most people

THE ONE VIDEO (branding video) 

Valued at $4,500

The one video every company needs.
Your business wins a professionally produced video.


3rd Place




Homepage Makeover

Value $1,597

SizzleForce Marketing will write new copy for your homepage that clarifies your message, captures and sustains your audience's attention, and increases conversions.

Mastermind Group Prizes

1st Place

Winning Mastermind Team Prize
1st Prize


When your Mastermind Group brings the MOST referrals of all the MM Groups to SCALEit LIVE, your entire group will receive:


1 Full Mind-Blowing Strategic Planning Day with Allison and your mentor!

 A Tea Lovers Tasting Box from Kita Centella's Loose Leaf Tea Market

Value $30,000


When your MM Group each refers 3 people,

You Will Win!



When everyone in your Mastermind Group refers 3 qualified people to SCALEit LIVE, each member will receive:


A one hour deep-dive Strategy Session with the PGN Mentor of your choice!
Our mentoring team is the best of the best!

We cannot wait to support you further. Work together with your Mastermind on a plan to make this valuable support happen!

When your MM Group each refers just one person,

You Will Win!

Grand Prize


When everyone in your Mastermind Group refers at least 1 qualified person to SCALEit LIVE, each member will receive:


The KOLBE Assessment delivered by our PGN Team

Kolbe Assessment for CEOs:

  • You increase your self-awareness as a leader
  • Reduce stress and conflict in your interactions
  • Increase productivity and increase energy
  • Understanding where your gaps are as a CEO and where you need to put your focus

Your referrals must be generating at least 500K in revenue, and/or have at least five employees to qualify. They also need to attend the event to count towards the price. 

There is no better reward than helping other people succeed. When you operate from generosity, your business will grow faster than ever. 

You've got this! 

These 12 days will kick off the Bring a Business Owner Contest. Full contest ends on February 10th. Prizes announced shortly Level Up Live ends.