May 4-6, 2023

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May 4-6, 2023

Give Us 3-Days & Leave with a Customized Step-by-Step Blueprint to Scale Your Company

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WHAT is the SCALEit LIVE Event?

The Twelfth Annual SCALEit LIVE Event is a Game-Changing  Experience Designed to Support CEO’s & Founders of Successful Companies. Over the 3 Days, We Work Together to Create a Customized, Step-by-Step, Easy to Execute SCALEit Blueprint to Take Your Current Venture to 8-Figures & Beyond… Without Working Any Harder. The most influential Business Minds in the World Personally Help You Scale Your Company to 8 Figures & Beyond!


Meet Your Host Allison Maslan

My name is Allison Maslan. I’m the CEO and Founder of Pinnacle Global Network, a company dedicated to helping successful companies Scale Their Ventures to 8-figures and beyond!

I’m blessed to be a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of the book, Scale or Fail, which has reached tens of thousands of business owners worldwide. I’ve dedicated my life to helping companies from all kinds of industries grow their ventures to 8 figures & beyond using my signature SCALEit Method.

I started building my own companies at age 19… so I know what it takes. To date, I’ve built 10 multi-million dollar ventures, and helped tens of thousands of business founders and CEOs. My client list includes giants like Ben & Jerry's, Supercuts, Merrill Lynch, Allstate…to name a few.

And now, it’s YOUR TURN! I’ve designed this game-changing event to help you level up your business impact and income, without you working any harder. Sound impossible? It’s not.

Give me 3 DAYS and leave with your customized step-by-step SCALEit Blueprint to help you have your best year ever. SCALEit Live will set your company up for massive growth for years to come.  Can’t wait to see you there!

To your Joy and Success,

Allison Maslan


WHO is the SCALEit LIVE Event For?

This event is only for CEOs and Founders generating a minimum of 500k up to 9-figures in their company.  We welcome companies from all industries, with all types of products, programs and services.  If your company falls within this revenue range, and you’re ready to significantly scale your venture with more ease than you thought possible… RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW to be in a room full of vetted, high-level CEOs and Founders.

Read These Groundbreaking Results From a Few of Our Clients…


“Our company has completely transformed since attending this event. We have added several million dollars to our bottom line and have more time away from the business than ever before. We are finally realizing our full vision.” Neil and Karen Gwartzman

Co-Founders, Private Label University


“Even though we were generating 7- figures, we were stuck at the same level for 10 years. I was working non-stop. Since attending this event, we have tripled our revenue in just one year, and I no longer need to work in the day-to-day of the business. It is thriving without me there!” David Chang

Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy


"Our CFO Firm is scaling across the country and we have grown by 400% because of attending this event and working with Allison and her team. It has completely changed my life. Do not miss this event!" Mike Breeze

CEO, New Direction Capital

Here’s what the Pros have to say…


“If you have a business that you want to scale… Allison Maslan is for you. I believe the best way to judge a businessperson is to meet her clients and see what happens in her community.”

- Mike Koenigs,

CEO, You Everywhere Now, and Author of Thirteen Bestsellers, Including Publish and Profit and Money Phone


"Don't be an entrepreneur who settles. Growth takes persistence and an unwillingness to take no for an answer. Scale or Fail is the secret sauce to help you overcome setbacks and win big."

- Barbara Corcoran,

Founder of The Corcoran Group, Author, and Shark Tank investor

Through working with Allison’s proven 5 Step SCALEit Method We’ll Help You Solve the Following Common CEO questions…


Strategic Vision

  • Why am I Stuck at 7 figures… and how to get to 8 or 9?
  • How do I stop being consumed by work and get more of my life back?
  • What is the secret to finding passion in my business again?

Cash Flow

  • Why is Cash being sucked from me?
  • How do I significantly improve my cash flow, profit & valuation?
  • How do I increase my company's valuation so I can have a financial windfall when I exit?
  • How do I easily add Scalable Revenue Streams to expand our reach, plus drive in cash from other sources?

Alliance of the Team

  • I’m at my max capacity… how do I scale without working harder?
  • Can I trust my team to handle everything?
  • How do I find, hire, train and empower top performers?


  • How do I reduce the stress that comes with being responsible for carrying the load of the business?
  • How do I get out of my own way to scale my company?
  • How do I take more time off and actually be completely present with my family and friends?


  • How do I systemize the company to make sure things are not slipping through the cracks?
  • How do we ensure that the team is meeting deadlines and hitting our big goals without me jumping in to save the day?
  • How do I SCALE this venture without working any harder?

Here’s a Few of Our EXPERT SPEAKERS… (2023 Speakers to be announced!)

Lori Greiner

  1. Shark on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’
  2. Prolific Inventor, Entrepreneur, Producer and Humanitarian
  3. Known as “The Warm-Blooded Shark” and “The Shark with a Heart”
  4. International Bestselling Author of ‘Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!’

Lori Greiner started with one idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar international brand. She is well known as a self-made inventor, entrepreneur who created and marketed over 1,000 products, holds 120 US and international patents and has a 90% success rate for new items launched. She is recognized as one of the most prolific inventors of retail products of our time.

She’s a leading Shark on ABC’s 4x Emmy Award-winning entrepreneurial business show, Shark Tank, where she invests in companies and helps turn people’s dreams into a reality. Several of her investments are the highest success stories on Shark Tank to date, having the top 10 out of the top 20.

She’s well known for her impeccable negotiating skills and uncanny ability to know, identify and launch emerging brands.

At the heart of Lori’s own success is a combination of talent, hard work and perseverance. She is a strong role model for women of all ages and was honored with the Sherry Lansing ‘Woman of the Year’ Award and by the Paley Center as an Important Woman in Television.

Lori’s international bestseller Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! is a step-by-step guide on how to turn an idea into a million-dollar reality.


Michael Bernoff

Michael Bernoff is a results coach. Simply put, he knows how to bring out the best in people. His approach is direct and effective. Michael leaves everyone he works with in possession of cutting-edge strategies and tools that will assist them in doing the things that will bring the results they desire for their life.

Michael is a powerful, seasoned public speaker; he captivates audiences with his dynamic presentation style, energy and passion. His well-orchestrated programs energize, educate and entertain.

The foundation of all of Michael's trainings is to equip people with tools and techniques that will improve their internal communication (get their head on straight and talk nice to themselves) and external communication (effectively communicating with those around you both personally and professionally.

It's simple - Michael gets people to do the things they know they need to do but typically don't. By developing skills to communicate with themselves effectively, people take action, get results and bottom line...increase their confidence.

His passion is to share his communication and transformation strategies with others. A master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Michael is known for showing people how to get results, increase their lifestyle, improve their physical health and confidence. Together we are now changing the world.


Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield, Entrepreneur and Host of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, is an ex–corporate girl turned online marketing expert and CEO of a multimillion-dollar business. During her corporate days, Amy worked with mega-brands like Harley-Davidson, as well as Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins. After one fateful boardroom meeting and witnessing the lifestyle, financial, and work freedom an online business has to offer, Amy developed her nine-to-five exit plan and never looked back.  Through her best-selling courses and top-ranked marketing podcast Online Marketing Made Easy, Amy has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs turn in their two weeks’ notice and trade burnout for freedom, income, and impact. Amy’s action-by-action teaching style provides aspiring business owners with the tools they need to bypass the overwhelm and build a business they love. Amy empowers women across the globe to take their futures into their own hands and find professional autonomy, independence, achievement, and success far beyond what a corporate glass ceiling would traditionally allow. Amy’s work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, CNBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and more. Her company has twice been awarded the Inc. 5000 Award as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. Today, she runs her growing business from Nashville, Tennessee, where she lives with her husband, Hobie, and their Labradoodle, Scout.

Anthony Trucks NFL Scaleit Live

Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks is a former Foster Child, NFL Football Player, Competitor on American Ninja Warrior, Author, Shift Coach and Entrepreneur. From foster care to the NFL, to successful business owner, Anthony Trucks has accomplished what statistics would say is impossible.  As a speaker, identity shift coach, and founder of “Dark Work” and creator of the “Dark Work Experience” Anthony teaches people how to access the power of their identity, tap into their full potential, and Make Shift Happen.  He will be sharing the exact steps for CEOs to shift their impossible into breakthroughs!

You Can Have Everything You Want!


You just need to know what to do and how to scale your business so you can live the life you want. 


Imagine being able to take the very best experience of your business and scale it up to a level that would be impossible on your own.


How would your life change if you could have residual income and time to do whatever you want to with it?


Working 24/7, feeling stressed out, burned out, and exhausted is not the answer. 


There is a way to do this! It's called The Scaleit Method™. 


Yes, It’s time for a change.

It’s Your Time to SCALE.

Don’t Choose Between Your Business and Your Life!

You can work less, earn more, and create a life where you do more of what you want to! I’m talking about real freedom. SCALEit Live is 3 mind-blowing days that will TRANSFORM your company, FAST-TRACK your success, and equip you with a STRATEGIC SCALE PLAN to have your best year ever.


3-day Journey!

Thousands of CEOs have been through this event over the last decade. Allison and her team of CEO Mentors will help you build your customized SCALE blueprint for ALL AREAS of your company!


Live is better!

The level of transformation that happens in a room full of other 7, 8 & 9 figures CEOs and Founders is exceptional. Our Expert Speakers only add to the massive, practical value of the SCALEit Experience.


Get Your Blueprint!

Business has changed. To expand these days, you need to approach your venture differently. There are so many opportunities if you know where to look, how to approach them, and how to capitalize on them. We’ll build that right into your SCALEit Blueprint!

At SCALEit LIVE you will walk away with:

Your SCALEit MethodPlan

3 Planning Days to get you set for the entire year. Your Plan to BUILD a team-managed company so you can free yourself and get your time back.

Powerful Strategies from the World’s Top Business Experts

Strategic Marketing Drivers that you can easily implement during the event!

Leadership Hacks to breakthrough any resistance and FINALLY REACH your full potential, energy, purpose, life, and big business vision!

Best Of All, You’ll Come Away With A SOLID PLAN to SCALE your company.

Level Up Live

Ready for your customized, just-for-you, step-by-step BUSINESS BLUEPRINT to maximize every area of your company?

We thought so.

  • Revenue Expansion from multiple income streams
  • Marketing Direction to attract your ‘perfect fit’ clients
  • Sales Strategies to increase your conversion
  • Systemizing and Automation direction to free you up
  • Hiring and Team Building formulas to leverage your growth
  • Money and Success Mindset so you can take the big leaps
  • CEO Skills to move from Boss to Leader

What Attendees Have To Say...


We've Achieved Company Growth Of Over 300%!

“Since attending the SCALEit Event, we’ve grown from 35 to over 100 employees, added several million dollars to our bottom line, increased profit by over 300%  and more importantly, I got my life back. I went from working 60-80 hours a week, taking no vacations, to now only attend one meeting a week in the company for 90 minutes. That is it. I cannot urge you enough to attend SCALEit LIVE."

— Marshall Doyle

Just last month, we created 30% of our last year's revenue. 

"I cannot say enough about this incredible event and what I walked away with. After attending, I just had the best year of our company's history in over 26 years last year. And just last month, we created 30% of our entire last year's revenue. I am blown away!! And the best part is that I now have a team-managed company so when I'm away, I can really be away!"

— Kedra Flowers
CEO, Flowers and Associates Tax Relief


Our Business Grew by More than 138%!

“Investing in Allison's event has easily been one of the BEST business decisions I have ever made. My income has DOUBLED! Because of Allison Maslan's support and events, I’ve taken both my business and life to a whole new level.”

— Andrea Jensen
CEO, The Cash Flow CFO

Our Sales Increased By Over 200%

“Our sales increased by over 200%. And in under one year, I went from working in the store 60-70 hours a week to the team not needing me at all. I have opened 3 more locations and we are on fire! Thank you, Allison!”

— Wendy Rivera
CEO, Muttigans

Wendy Megyese

Like No Other!

“This retreat is like no other because you leave with a plan to scale. I have already had over 500% ROI working with Allison Maslan.”

— Tom Nguyen
CEO, WinCorp Solutions

I Finally Got a Plan in Place

“SCALEit is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been in business over 20 years and we are in the process of scaling our team worldwide. SCALEit was the perfect opportunity to help me get my strategic plan in place and meet some key influencers. I had been following Allison’s work for 6 years and her event ensured that I hired the right team. With our SCALE Plan, we have more than doubled our revenue in under 12 months!"

— Kim West
CEO/The Sleep Lady


SCALEit Live 2023 is at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel in downtown San Diego!

The Manchester Grand Hyatt is a stunning waterfront hotel in Downtown San Diego with panoramic views of Bay! Experience San Diego's vibrant culture and natural beauty right from your window! Right next to Seaport Village, the best beaches and more.


Just One Client Pays For Your Ticket Price…

At this world-class event, deals are made, partnerships are forged, and clients are discovered. Just from attending, you will make connections with hundreds of successful business owners that you would love to work with and that have the ability to catapult your business.


This ultimate business event provides exponential actionable steps, proven strategies, and insider secrets that will take your business to the next level.

WIth your ticket to SCALEit LIVE, you will also receive:

Your Templates, Flow Charts and Final Business Blueprint!

These will make everything so CLEAR and EASY for you—especially because Allison will walk you through the steps and you can apply them to your business right away. These are the exact tools Allison uses to grow her business in sales, marketing, planning, logistics, and building a powerful team! You will be able to use them over and over for continued success. Value: $800


Opportunity To RECEIVE A One-On-One Laser Coaching Session LIVE With Allison!

Allison is giving opportunities for you to receive “spotlight” MENTORING with her, live during the event. She has the ability to see the roadblock clearly, lay out a WINNING STRATEGY for your business right on the spot. These are worth the price of admission! Value: $1,000

The Future Of Your Business Is Happening Now. Why On Earth Would You Want To Wait One More Year, One More Month, Or One More Day?

Successful CEOs and Founders all have one thing in common. They know the power of making decisions in the moment. In this new world landscape, you don’t have the luxury of waiting. Businesses are being disrupted daily. You have an opportunity to capitalize on new demands, new markets, and set yourself up for big growth in 2023 and beyond.

Your breakthrough is waiting. Your revolution is waiting. Your true-wealth is waiting. The massive difference you can make is here for you. Now.

To your Joy and Success,

A Maslan Signature


February 1st-3rd, 2024
Westin Bonaventure | Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, February 1st:
8:20am - 6:30pm PT / 6:30pm-8:30pm Connection Cocktail Party

Friday, February 2nd:
8:20am - 6:30pm PT

Saturday, February 3rd:

8:20am - 4:00pm PT


Click the Button Below to Select the
SCALEIt Live Ticket You Prefer!

Premier Access Bundle

  • PARTICIPATE in all Live Event Sessions w/ Allison and Keynote speakers
  • WALK AWAY with Customized Step-by-Step Blueprint to Scale Your Company
  • 1:1 PRIVATE SCALEit with high-level CEO Mentor
  • ALL LIVE Event SCALEit Method Tools, Templates and Worksheets
  • 3 TRANSFORMATIVE DAYS to get the proven process to scale your entire company
  • EARLY ACCESS to all Live Event Sessions so you get first choice on your seats
  • EXCLUSIVE VIP Lunches on Thur & Fri for Premier Access Only
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Participant Ticket

  • PARTICIPATE in all Live Event Sessions w/ Allison and Keynote speakers
  • WALK AWAY with Customized Step-by-Step Blueprint to Scale Your Company
  • 1:1 PRIVATE SCALEit with high-level CEO Mentor
  • ALL LIVE Event SCALEit Method Tools, Templates and Worksheets
  • 3 TRANSFORMATIVE DAYS to get the proven process to scale your entire company

Happiness Guarantee

If you are unable to attend after registration you can transfer your ticket to a qualified business owner making 'a minimum of 500k' in their business.  Email at least 30 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. There are no refunds prior to the event. However, if for any reason by the end of the 1st day while attending the event, if you honestly feel we did not deliver on the information promised, just let us know and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

A Maslan Signature

You might be thinking:

"My life is SO busy. It’s not easy for me to attend a live event. Is it really worth all the expense and time away from my business? What makes SCALEit different from other business events?"

Look, I was a single mom for years. I know what it is like when you have so many responsibilities. But, for where you are in your business, you cannot afford to spend another year in the weeds. You need to be the Visionary CEO working on your business, not in it. Stepping away from your routine and taking 3 Days to really strategize your business as the CEO you are meant to be is the smartest thing you can do for your company growth. It will come back to you in profits, much more time back on a weekly basis, and most importantly, peace of mind!

We cannot get clarity on what the best solutions are when we are so close to our challenges. You just can’t see it. Step away from your life and spend 3 days with me, and together we will design a new Scale Plan for your business that will change the entire course of your future. It is amazing what happens when you shift out of your routine and spend time with other powerful business owners like yourself. That is totally worth the effort.

Allison Maslan
pinnacle-group-team-crop (1)

I have been to many business events as well, and I know some can seem alike. Often you get very inspired, but then you are left having no concrete success plan to follow. Inspiration is awesome — but you need a PLAN!

That’s why the SCALEit LIVE 3-day event is very different. I personally teach my very own trademarked Signature Scale Process, and we will customize a unique blueprint for your company. No matter what industry or business model you have, you will come away from the event not only inspired and completely motivated, but you'll have a complete A-Z plan in hand to implement right away toward all aspects of your business growth.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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