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Bring A Business Owner Contest

Bring a Business Owner Contest Leader board

Thanks for sharing this with your fellow business owners!


Your Business Owner Contacts And Those You Meet Will Love You For Changing
Their Lives And For Inviting Them To The Biggest And Brightest Event All Year Long!

There are Several Incredible Ways to Win!

The Go-Giver Awards!

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The Members to refer the most Business Owner Registrations by January 31st, will receive....

1st Place
1 Personalized Strategy Day with Allison  (Virtual or In-Person in San Diego)
($50,000 Value)
WINNER: Michelle McFarland

2nd Place

10 min Interview Spotlight with Allison on stage at SCALEit Live
($20K Value)
WINNER: Dana Arnett

3rd & 4th Place

Half-Day Strategy Huddle with 2 Mentors
($7500 Value)
WINNERS: Kerri Salls & Jennifer Walker 

5th -7th place

SCALEit Method Podcast Interview with Allison (Shared on all social channels)
($3500 Value)
WINNERS: Judy Gaman, Lauren Meyer & Jannette Gallardo

(Referrals need to be present at SCALEit Live to count towards this prize)

Mastermind Magic Award!

Grand Prize

The PINN Mastermind group that refers the most amount of SCALEit Live Participants will get...

An Exclusive Virtual Scale Team Day with your Teams!

($7500 Value)

WINNERS: Michelle McFarland, Ronit Enos, JoyLynn Waganer,
Paula Anderson, Elliott Fisher, Stephanie Nivinskus

The High 5 Award!

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Anyone who refers 2 (or more) Business Owners to SCALEit Live will WIN...

Virtual 2nd in Command ½ Day

We mentor you and your 2nd in Command so they feel supported and
step up to support your needs and vision.

($4,500 Value)

WINNERS: Michelle McFarland, Dana Arnett, Kerri Salls, Jennifer Walker,
Judy Gaman, Lauren Meyer, Jannette Gallardo

*** With ONLY 2 Referrals, you can experience a Super Transformative Day! ***

If anyone you refer to SCALEit Live happens to sign up for Pinnacle Global Network,
you receive $1,000 and become a member of our Ambassadors Club.
(However, joining is up to them. Whether they join us or not, they will
experience great transformation at SCALEit Live.)


Your referrals must be qualified. They need to have a
business earning at least 500k or more annually.

Use to share any information you might need to support sharing this with those who may benefit!

You've got this!