WELCOME to the 2022 SCALEblockers report. Please READ BELOW to discover the 7 big barriers that will stop many CEOs & Founders from reaching 8 or 9-figures this year.

Avoid 7 Big Barriers That will STOP Many CEOs & Founders from Reaching 8 or 9 Figures This Year.

CONGRATULATIONS for taking the time to be here. I’m Allison Maslan. Congratulations for taking the time to be here. As the Leader of a business that’s achieved at least 1 Million in revenue, you’re one of a kind. Very few businesses ever reach this goal! Many leaders stop at this level of success and feel satisfied. But you’ve landed here. This tells me YOU WANT MORE.

You’ve got the heart, desire, drive and motivation to create more income, impact and freedom with your venture. Unfortunately, those traits won’t be enough. Fewer than 4% of businesses around the world ever reach the promised land of $10 Million, $100 Million or even $1 Billion in revenue. Most businesses just haven’t cracked the code when it comes to avoiding the most common, most dangerous SCALEblocks.

A SCALEblock is a barrier to growth.

It’s an element that can be completely hidden or very hard to spot. Either way, it inevitably impacts the CEO or Founder’s desire to up level their venture. SCALEblocks also shift over time. What used to stop progress 3 years ago is different now. Business owners who want to reach 8 and 9 Figures as easily as possible must assess the most current constraints to their 2022 growth goals. That’s what this 2022 SCALEblockers Report will offer.

Change how You Do Business this point forward!

Allison Maslan

I’ve put together the most dangerous SCALEblocks to avoid in 2022. First, become aware of these. Next, create a concrete plan
to navigate around them. I can help you with both.

In this report, I’ll count the SCALEblocks down from 7 to 1. The last one will change how you do business from this point forward. Want extra support? I’d love to help!

I’ve scaled 10+ companies from scratch. I’ve also helped hundreds of other CEOs and Founders do the same. My Wall Street Journal Bestselling book, Scale or Fail: How to Build Your Dream Team, Explode Your Growth & Let Your Business Soar has become the Gold Standard for Scaling a business to 7, 8, or 9 Figures. It is endorsed by powerful business leaders Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank.

In a few weeks, I’ll take a group of highly motivated CEOs and Founders who have 8 & 9 Figure aspirations through my powerful 3-day Event ‘SCALEIt Live’. My team of highly trained CEO Mentors and I, plus a panel of world-class facilitators, will help you create a customized step-by-step blueprint to Scale Your Company! Check out the details HERE!

Enjoy my 2022 SCALEblockers Report. More importantly, take action on this vital information.

To your success,

Allison Maslan, CEO, Pinnacle Global Network


To 'buckle-down' means to tackle a task with determination and effort. I'm talking about good old-fashioned hard work! Don't get me wrong. Hard work is a key factor to get a business to the 7 Figure mark. Unfortunately, the hard work approach that gets a business to 7 Figures will NOT work to get it to 8 and 9 Figures. A totally different mindset and work ethic is required. One that has EASE as the focus!


What got You Here will not get You There.

Now... approaching your business from a mindset of ease is easier said than done. Most of the successful CEOs & Founders I work with are unconsciously locked into the paradigm of keeping their nose to the proverbial grindstone. Is this the case for you and your business? Do you find yourself constantly putting out fires, scrambling to meet deadlines, battling to manage cash flow? Do you wish you had just a few more hours in a day? Or one more day in the week to get everything done? Do you wonder how you'll ever manage to effort more in order to grow when you're already at your max?! If so, you may be experiencing the Buckle-Down

After spending decades building multiple companies, here's what I know for sure: Putting your nose to the grindstone only gets you one thing - a shorter nose! This shows up as overwork, overwhelm and ultimately burnout. When you approach your business from the hard work mentality, you may maintain your 7 Figure status quo, but you won't shatter the ceiling of 8 or 9 Figures. What got you here, will not get you there. So... how do you do things differently?

The first step to avoiding the Buckle-Down SCALEblocker is to be acutely aware of what you do day to day.

I've discovered many business owners seem to get sucked back into handling the fires, deadlines, payrolls, and cash flow crises. They have an uncanny knack for filling each day with tasks they think are necessary. These tasks however, should be delegated to a more appropriate staff member. Of course, this requires having good people and effective systems in place. It also requires a big letting go of control. We help our Clients get on top of this at our SCALEit LIVE 3-day Event.

The bottom line? Stop chasing emergencies. Start thinking and acting in a way that incorporates leverage, ease and enjoyment. When you do, you'll accelerate towards your 8 or 9 Figure dream venture. At our SCALEit Live 3-day Event, we'll walk you through exactly how to do it.


THE 'Sandbagger' SCALEblocker is actually borrowed from the world of athletics and performance. Sandbagging is the conscious (or unconscious) practice of playing in a league way below your potential. There are many reasons business owners 'sandbag.' Before we get to that, let's first analyze one of the main ways this SCALEblocker shows up. Doing so will help you recognize (and avoid) this dangerous barrier to growth!

One of most common ways business owners 'sandbag' is by hanging out with a less successful social or professional peer group. This can totally hinder the realization of their full potential!

Being the smartest person in the room is a major detriment to growth.


8 & 9 Figure business owners know they must surround themselves
with people who are at (or ideally) ABOVE their success level. This is a KEY growth strategy. If you're interested in an 8 or 9 Figure Enterprise, ask yourself, "When was the last time I was in a room full of people who had already accomplished what I desire... or were committed to attaining it?" At our SCALEit Live 3-day Event, you'll be surrounded by other 7, 8 & 9 Figure Business Owners on this path. It is a powerful and unique experience that will accelerate your growth. Each CEO and Founder is there to grow their venture while supporting others to do the same.

When was the last time I was in a room full of people who had already accomplished what I desire... or were committed to attaining it?”

The Sandbagger SCALEblock can also look like being comfortable with the status quo. Maybe your revenue has been the same for a few years in a row? Maybe you've done the same things again and again to attract clients and stabilize cash flow? These are amazing accomplishments if you're aiming for consistency and repeatable success. If you're looking to expand your 7 Figure Business into an 8 or 9 Figure Enterprise, you'll need to think, and act differently. Surrounding yourself with super successful colleagues and mentors who are striving for the same goals you are is a huge shortcut to expanding your venture. Now, I want to be clear. I'm not advocating you fire your entire team or break up with your current social or professional circle. It's also not wise to make immediate, radical changes to your business model. I do encourage you to take IMMEDIATE ACTION when it comes to getting yourself into higher level circles.

Actively seek out mentors, mastermind groups, events and experiences that uplift your spirit and challenge you to reach your full potential. You can do it... and we can help.


Covid chaos triggered a true digital and e-commerce turning point in history. The world will never be the same. When LIVE networking, interaction and events came to a halt, we were all forced to go digital, or go bust!


Businesses that didn't have online strategies had to get them. Companies that were online, had to seriously up their game. Our team created amazing new strategies for our our clients! We helped our service-based businesses like gyms, restaurants and even retail stores completely pivot and come up with new ways to deliver their products and services. Gyms did virtual classes. Bridal stores did virtual fittings and fashion shows. Restaurants came up with food delivery or curb-side strategies. Salon owners came to your house or did DIY beauty makeovers! We got so creative helping our clients create the most wildly successful businesses out of all of the chaos. And.... there will continue to be major Digital Danger SCALEblocks to navigate in the coming months and years. As much as we wish it wasn't so, threats to business are likely to persist. We'll never return to running business the same way we used to.

Digital pivots, and their consequences are here to stay – and a solid Team is the linchpin to Scale to 8 or 9 Figures.

You can't do it without a linchpin. Unfortunately, the shift to the digital era has companies working much harder to make their team members happy. Top performers just got a taste of what it’s like to work from home and run their own hours. Many have (and will) leave their jobs to start their own businesses this year. Others will ask for a lot more in terms of compensation and benefits. This will put a ton of strain on your Business Center. You need to build a strong company culture if you want your most ideal a players to stay with you. This is also paramount to attracting new stars who can help with your expansion.

Here's something else to consider. The intensity and duration of pandemic's devastation has left many businesses in recovery mode. Maybe this is you? It's difficult to recover, while simultaneously trying to scale. Therefore, recovery must accelerate so growth can
take over.


Ongoing global crises and unexpected events will continue. Risk mitigation strategies must be created and implemented now! The CEOs and Founders who get their business to a place where it is impervious to threat will thrive in the coming years, no matter what comes around the corner. Is your Company truly ready? If not, we can help.

One of the most common characteristics
of 'Industry Insiders' is they tend to stick to their own.

An 'Industry Insider' is someone who is very experienced in a particular market. They're Experts at what they do. They know the ins and outs of all aspects of their business... and they have real world results to show for it. Industry Insiders often get to where they are in business by paying their dues. They spent many years learning (sometimes the hard way) all aspects of what it takes to make a company work in a specific sector. Most have risen to the top and are go-to resources for others in their industry. Being an Industry Insider is a hard won, enviable position that has some great advantages. Sadly, it can also be one of the most sneaky SCALEblocks to spot.


They network, mastermind and get mentored by others in their own industry. Typically, 'Industry Insiders' consider only those who share their own profession when looking to build relationships and extend horizons. This isn't necessarily bad, but it can block growth. Most 8 and 9 Figure Business Owners understand it's paramount to network, mastermind and generally build relationships with people outside their industry.

A coding company that networks with digital game manufacturers to discuss different products may end up with new projects or
ways to monetize collaboration. Professionals from other industries provide interesting and useful perspectives. An interior designer
may gain salient advice or insight from a group of architects. A gym owner may learn innovative strategies from a hair salon owner. Engaging in dialogue with CEOs and Founders outside your industry brings fresh ideas, innovative problem solving and constructive feedback.

SCALE TIP: Networking with those most similar to you may not lead to new business. Connect with individuals from different backgrounds and you'll often get access to leads and customers previously hidden!

Business has lots of challenges. It’s lonely at the top. Having a solid sounding board of non-competing biz owners is like winning the lottery! Successful leaders from outside your industry generally also don't have the same blind spots you (and others within your industry) have. They'll offer a more objective perspective that can lead to more powerful advice. Seek outsiders as allies!


The 'IDD' SCALEblock is one of the most prevalent, costly and tragic phenomena common among business owners in 2022. It stands for the, 'Inspiration Deficit Disorder' and it is EVERYWHERE!


'IDD' refers to the serious issue CEOs & Founders face when it comes to significantly waning motivation to grow their venture. Burnout, disillusionment and stress are at an all time high among usually peak performing Leaders. Doing whatever it takes to get a business to 7 or 8 figures can tire even the most ambitious leader. Combine this effort with the extra focus recently required to navigate Covid chaos... and many business owners are feeling like the weariest of Warriors.

Has the impact of the last few years affected your mental well being? Has it knocked your work-life balance off kilter? If you answered, 'Yes' you're completely normal.

Navigating pandemic-related disruptions and fluctuating mandates across the country for nearly two years has been no small feat. Rising inflation, political turmoil, and global crisis have not helped. It's okay to feel not okay! Feel your feelings. Then get ready to shift to a different vibration. Your business will only grow to the extent you grow. Remember, what you do impacts so many people in a positive way! Your Clients, Team and loved ones need you. All you need is a little lift! One of the best ways to get a lift in motivation and inspiration is to get yourself to a new environment with new people (even if only for a few days!) Immersing yourself in a fresh experience related to your Business can be miraculous for motivation. Our SCALEIt Live 3-Day Event will be beneficial to your bottom line. It is also designed to massively uplift your energy! Check it out HERE.


To blow past the the IDD SCALEblock, you have to find the fun in your business again. Whether you do it with us or not, take some time to step back and tap into the reason you began this journey. Gamify your growth! Find new and interesting experiences and people to connect in business that add creativity, inspiration and magic to your journey again. If you an do it in a live setting - all the better!

Your business can only grow to the extent that you grow. Use any waning motivation (or IDD) as divine discontent. Let it be a signal that something new must enter your life. If you want a super enjoyable way to blow pass the IDD SCALEblock? Join us at the SCALEit Live 3-day Event!

If you want a super enjoyable way to blow pass the I.D.D. SCALEblock,
Join us at the SCALEit Live 3-day Event!


The 'Big Mountain' SCALEblock is all about perspective. More accurately, its about the lack of perspective many CEOs & Founders have. Imagine standing on top of a mountain. From that place, there is no way to know how big the mountain you're standing on is! You need someone standing away from the mountain to offer you perspective. They can look from afar and yell, "HEY! You're
on a really big mountain!"

It doesn't matter what level of success you've reached in your current venture. If you want to scale it, you need a qualified expert outside your business to share objective perspective. A successful venture is a complex web of interacting people and processes. The way these processes influence each other over time permit the achievement of some larger result. You can't see whats needed from inside. Growing your 7-figure business to an 8 or 9 figure enterprise involves being seriously strategic about what detracts or contribute to significant expansion. The CEO or founder is one of the most central systemic components in any venture. This makes it nearly impossible to be unbiased. Yet an unbiased, open-minded viewpoint is the only way to uncover needed deletions, essential additions and non-negotiable modifications required for serious scaling. So what do you do?!


Get yourself a Mentor. Better yet… get yourself a Team of Mentors!

Growing your 7-figure business to an 8 or 9 Figure Enterprise involves being seriously strategic about what detracts or contributes to significant expansion. The CEO or Founder is one of the most central systemic components in any venture. This makes it nearly impossible to be unbiased. Yet an unbiased, open-minded viewpoint is the only way to uncover needed deletions, essential additions and non-negotiable modifications required for serious Scaling. So what do you do?!

Big companies have Boards of Directors for this exact purpose. Each Director has a specific skill set and knowledge area. They advise those running the company on what to adjust to make things better. Boards of Directors do not participate in day-to-day decision-making. Instead, they give critical guidance on overall policy, strategy and direction. This guidance is based on the company mission and vision. In the very least, you need at least on solid mentor who has done what you want to do in terms of scaling a business. If they've done it multiple times – even better! Ideally, getting multiple Mentors; a real Board of Directors is best.


Avoiding the Big Mountain SCALEblocker is the mandate of our SCALEIt Live 3-day Event. At the event, you get direct access to high-level Mentors. You're surrounded by other 7, 8 & 9 Figure Business Owners from multiple industries. REGISTER FOR THE SCALEit LIVE 3-day Event HERE! Also get direct support from our highly trained CEO Coaches. They've all grown 7, 8 and 9 Figure Companies – and will help you to do the same!


CONGRATULATIONS on reading this far. That shows deep commitment! (Virtual High 5!) This FINAL SCALEblocker is the most important one to avoid. Not doing so will almost certainly prevent you from building an 8 or 9 figure venture with ease. And... here's a WARNING!

Many CEOs & founders will see this SCALEblocker and think, "I know my Vision is important... but right now I need to focus on getting this project done or I'll lose this customer!" It's ironic. Most CEOs and their teams become so embroiled in day-to-day operations, they disconnect from the original Vision. Yet, if they were to take the time to step back, re-embrace or even re-work a shared Vision... the emergencies they constantly deal will would never surface.


When was the last time you took a pause and re-visited your Strategic Vision in a meaningful way? If you've done that recently, does your former Vision match where you want to take your company now?

Let's address the 'variable' aspect of this SCALEblocker. Especially in the last two years, when many areas of life and business became unstable, CEOs and Founders began to panic. I get it. There has been some unprecedented change, challenge and adversity to navigate!

Creating a Strategic Vision and relentlessly sticking to it inherently prevents all types of issues. This includes those related to your customers, team, and cash flow.

But amidst all the change, your vision must remain immovable. Think of your VISION as your primary destination. In this case, this destination is an 8 or 9 Figure Enterprise that has ease, enjoyment, income and impact built in! The next step? COMMIT to doing whatever it takes to stay true to that vision. No matter what happens in the world, you are going to that destination! Team members can come and go. Cash flow can wax and wane. Pandemics can present and disappear. None of it will affect your VISION! When you adopt this mindset, any unexpected circumstances just become part of the journey. They do not derail your progress.

At our upcoming SCALEit LIVE 3-day Event, you’ll walk away with your Customized Step-by-Step Blueprint to Scale Your Company!

Are you 100% clear on your Strategic Vision? Does it match your 8 or 9 Figure aspirations? Are you clear on exactly how to increase the likelihood you'll achieve it with ease? If not, let us help.

You'll leave completely clear on your 8 or 9 figure execution strategy. What's more? You'll feel inspired to lead your team to make it happen alongside you. Now is the time to bring your dream to fulfillment. Join me, my Team of CEO Mentors, and hundreds of other 7, 8 & 9 Figure Business Owners and make your VISION a reality. See you there!